Social Media Management

BJS Enterprises has assembled a pool of young social media geeks who know all industry
ropes and who work closely with our art directors and creative designers to set massive
social media campaigns that put your brand right at the fingertips of young generations,
sending your ads viral in the cyberspace and driving more curious traffic into your website
and social media accounts.
Why We Offer It?

With an increasingly digitized world, the widespread social media are becoming the
preferred option for businesses to create public awareness and promote products and
services. This is accentuated by the fact that you can SEE the reach of your ads.
Why We are Different?

The common fault that we found in our market study is that companies tend to seek fake
followers, which affects your brand reputation. What we do is to ensure that you have
genuine, interested followers who buy or interact with your brand online! 9 Yards creativity
begins when we start to increase your sales revenue from genuine followers through your
social media & website.

- Printing & Packaging Solutions:

BJS Enterprises offering the full range of print services to a variety of clients operating
across many different industry sectors. We are a one-stop shop for all your printing
requirements; our customized solutions are tailored specifically to your individual needs,
ensuring the best results every time throughout the prepress, printing, finishing and
binding process. At BJS Enterprises, we believe in creating value for our customers who are
looking for the highest quality of printing in Pakistan. Our strong reputation is built on the
successful delivery of all assignments, no matter how challenging the brief or how tight the
timeframe. From business cards to corporate brochures, we collaborate with the customer
to understand their requirements fully and to provide the optimal results using the highest
specifications appropriate for their budget. We pride ourselves on professionalism, loyalty
and a commitment to upholding the needs of our clients, making BJS Enterprises the
premier destination for printing in Pakistan.


Developing a brand, including your visuals, your vision, and your corporate colors, is the
foundation on which your entire business will depend. It shapes all your future marketing
mix, permeates your organization and defines how the public will see your business.
Therefore, it takes considerable discussion, brainstorming and vision. Our team works
closely with clients to identify their core business values and to forge a powerful brand that
stands apart in the market.

Do You feel like branding?

Creative branding is our unique way at 9 Yards to breathe life into your own brand in order
to take it into the next level. We interact with your brand and craft its special personality to
draw the roadmap towards your ideal brand that will put a spell on the minds of your targeted clients. We follow the 3C’s “Customer, Company, Competitor” model to get into the deepest place to understand your brand identity. THIS IS OUR DNA!


Advertising is at the core of every successful marketing plan. Our team of ATL and BTL
professionals, art directors, designers and concept developers have had a history of
achievements in capturing the attention of the public with their crisp, stimulating designs,
creative ideas, audience-specific campaigns and insightful concepts.
Our team works closely with your marketing team, first to understand your business and
audience and then to come up with fresh concepts to hit your targets in a way beyond

How are we going to Help You?

Our Copywriters, Art & Creative Directors, Designers, Production Artists works closely with
your marketing team, first to understand your business and audience and then to come up
with fresh concepts to hit your targets in a way beyond expectations